Cambridge University Wargaming Society

Welcome to CUWGS, the Cambridge University Wargaming Society. The purpose of the society is to provide a venue for regular meetings of wargamers, and to promote wargaming in Cambridge.

The current guardian of the Society webpage is Alan. There is also a mailing list, which you can sign up for here, and which may occassionally be used for announcements (such as the Society being re-founded).


The society has been dormant for a long time, however there are students who play at the Sons of War club who meet at the scout hut on Flamsteed Road down by the train station on a Wednesday evening.

Other information

What is Wargaming?

Wargaming is, literally, games of war. We play strategic games which simulate battles. These could be small skirmishes, dogfights between starships, epic battles between Orcs and Elves, recreations of the Civil War, or just about anything else that you can imagine. Most games are played on a tabletop, with card counters or metal figures representing the troops, and with each player taking control of one army. There are various sets of rules that can be used to determine the outcome of the battle. Wargaming is like chess in that careful strategy is needed to win. However, unlike chess, most wargames incorporate a random element, such as rolling dice, to simulate random effects such as the weather or the morale of the troops.

If you are interested in strategy games, history or historical re-enactment, you are likely to enjoy wargaming. If you like the idea of being able to recreate a battle scene from your favourite book or movie, or think you can do better than Napolean, why not come along to one of our meetings? We are always happy to demonstrate the games, and to teach new players.

Collectable Card Games

In the past the society also catered for Collectable Card Games (CCGs). At the moment we don't have anyone who comes along to games nights to play CCGs but there are a few people on the mailing list with an interest in CCGs, so if you are interested feel free to get in touch and we might be able to put in you contact with someone.